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I lost 4.6 Lbs in 1 Week!!

Happy with my purchase!

Saved me time

I used to drive 20 mins back and forth to the gym just to use the sauna. This thing will pay for itself from the gas Im saving alone.

My own in home sauna

We stopped our sauna visits in 2020 with the "panaramic" and Im so glad wecan now do this at home instead!

Dripping after 30 mins

I use this for 30 mins while I watch 90-day fiance and by the end, I am DRENCHED, you hear me?

I was skeptical too...

After researching and finding this product, I decided to give it 3 weeks.

Here I am 3 weeks later recommending it to everyone I know! They really need an ambassador program or something because I tell everyone!

The Sauna Blanket™
Sandra Elgin
Great for back pain

My back always hurts after workouts. Not anymore! I was skeptical at first, but after a few days of consistent use, my back pain started to ease up!

The Sauna Blanket™
Marquette W.
Love how much I SWEAT!

This thing really make you sweat!

The Sauna Blanket™
Adelbert Hettinger

It's so nice to lie down with all the zipper open and cover it like a blanket! I don't expect a diet effect, but if you support the front and back plates together on a cold or tired day, it seems to be the best. I'm gonna use this instead of an electric blanket! As soon as you turn it on, it immediately becomes warm.

The Sauna Blanket™
Raleigh Satterfield

Super fast delivered and heated well. Very relaxed and fine for the muscles.

The Sauna Blanket™
Devan Parisian

works well

The Sauna Blanket™
Icie Cummings

It got here lightning fast!

The Sauna Blanket™
Larissa Satterfield

Simple to operate, comfortable. Used it 3 times already. 45 min 55c under, 60c over.

The Sauna Blanket™
Elbert Thompson

Tested, it works.

The Sauna Blanket™
Pinkie Moore

Very good quality, I love it so far, highly recommended.

The Sauna Blanket™
Ludie Balistreri

Fast Delivery

The Sauna Blanket™
Bernadette Mraz

The material of the blanket is very good and heavy so it won't tear apart from normal usage. The blanket gets very warm and sweating guaranteed after 25 minutes or so without pre-heating it. The foot end seems to be the hottest point and even with a towel put on it it gets really hot after a while but that's the purpose of this, right? :) Cleaning can be done quickly with a towel and then leave it open till it's cooled down before folding it again in 3 parts.

The Sauna Blanket™
Torey Nikolaus

Perfect Delivery so fast

The Sauna Blanket™
Glenna Glover shipping to Alabama!

The Sauna Blanket™
Laurine VonRueden

Great. Just like in the gym

very good!!

The Sauna Blanket™
Jerrod Hauck

Received mat and it works well.Very fast delivery:)

The Sauna Blanket™
Adriel Cremin

Perfect! Recommend.

The Sauna Blanket™
Maritza Dibbert

I liked the fast delivery, and it seems to be effective, but DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Looks like this is the lowest price online. I recommend.

The Sauna Blanket™
Lesly Bashirian

shipping fast, it just takes 5 days,the product is excellent works well, ,i recommend to buy !

Awesome, I love it